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Dating & Friendship for the Over 40s...

The word is spreading !


I began telling all my friends about the benefits of joining the Mature Free and Single website. Gone are the days of going out to see if I might meet someone, and trying to work out if they was single or attached. No it is much more fun logging on and finding single people.

I suppose it’s a bit like try before you buy lol because you can get to know someone a little bit better before meeting up with them and it is so easy and much more enjoyable.

A male colleague at work who had heard me telling my work friends about the site pulled me to one side and asked me if I thought it would be worth his while joining. I told him yes absolutely and that it was a great site to be on because the site does not have members under 40 therefore it was the right target age for what he was looking for.

We went through the registering process and he asked me what I thought constituted as a good profile. I told him that I would show him at lunch time just how easy it was to use the site and he was delighted. He read through a few of the other male members profiles and it gave him a good idea what he needed to write.

I smiled to myself because it felt strange to think that someone I knew would be on the same site. You never know your luck he said, I might send you a wink!

When I logged on a few nights later I noticed that I had an email showing new members in my area and sure enough my work colleague had joined the site. So every morning I was given a run down as to how he was getting on and in no time at all he had his first date arranged. He was a bag of nerves, he had taken my advice and was meeting the lady concerned for a coffee rather than arranging a longer date, which could come later if they had a good connection with each other.

The day before he was meeting a lady called Faye who was a lovely petite blonde lady who lived about ten miles away he was telling me that he had spoken to her a few times on the phone and she seemed really nice, he was so excited. I felt like I was going on the date with him and I was watching the clock on the day praying that he would have a good time.

When I logged on to the site the day after he had sent me an email, saying he had really enjoyed meeting Faye and the coffee actually lasted a few hours and then they had met again in the evening and had shared a meal together.

Success I was really pleased for him back at work on Monday he was all smiles singing the praises of the Mature Free and Single website, thanking me for introducing him to the best dating website online. Its brilliant he kept saying and far easier than going out into bars and clubs.


Yet another date part three

Published on May 30, 2014, by in A New Member's View.


Here I was watching my date appear in the car park the sun was shining and I feeling a very happy lady, thank you Mature Free and Single dating website I said under my breath. Seeing my car he pulled alongside me and gave me a massive smile. I had a good view of him due to him having the roof down and believe me he did not disappoint. Blushing I climbed out of my car, I always find it embarrassing meeting anyone for the first time, but when they were as handsome as this guy, well this was doubly embarrassing

We meet at last he said and he walked forward towards me, giving a quick peck on the cheek, which made me redder he laughed because he could tell that I was very shy. I smiled and said “hello.”

“Surely you’re not shy of me” he said, obviously amused at my reaction. That made me relax and I said “why should I be shy, I meet enough people from the site”.   This made him laugh more and we walked towards the entrance.

We decided to sit outside due to the weather and I found a table while he went in to get us a drink we decided on a cold fruit cider just the thing for a hot day and he was soon back sat opposite me sipping his drink.  He was certainly a good looking man and although he was dressed casual he had obviously made the effort dressed in a checked shirt and chinos he looked very well turned out. I complemented him on his appearance and he thanked me and said “well you only get one chance to make a first impression and when I am meeting a beautiful woman I certainly like to make a good impression”.

We both laughed then because he knew that he was coming across as a right smoothie. We sat chatting and he began telling me of the other dates he had had and agreed with me that the site was the best he had ever been on. He was telling me that he had met one woman and she had said she was 55 but as God was his witness she was nearer 65 either that or she had a very difficult paper round when she was younger!  He said age was not a problem to him but honesty and a recent photograph was a must because without honesty in a relationship you had nothing. I agreed and told him that honesty and good manners was very important to me too.

He had been married before and after being divorced for three years he thought it would be a good way to meet new people, he enjoyed the diary entries and said it was what made him notice me because I was an avid diary writer and he loved my humor. Too many people can come across as negative when they bemoan their fate on dating sites I said after all who wants to date a moaner.

We sat outside all afternoon before going inside to get something to eat, this was turning out to be the best date I had ever had. 





Yet another date, part two

Published on May 22, 2014, by in A New Member's View.

Sunday arrived and I woke up bright and early looking forward to meeting Phil from the Mature Free and Single website. I had been on the site now for around four months and I could not imagine not being a member. I had quite a few dates, made lots of new friends from all over the UK and passed many an evening instead of being lonely and bored on my own.

I had a shower and washed my hair. Looking in the mirror I began thinking of all the people I had met from the site before I had certainly gone through a learning curve from going out fairly quickly with someone and perhaps regretting it because we were not ideally suited to emailing some people for so long that the moment passed for meeting.

I believe it takes a few months to get into the swing of a dating site and to find the best way to adapt it to your own personality. I was very grateful that I had chosen the Mature Free and Single website because it had such a good feel about it. I liked that it had a section that it told you about the owners of the site who actually met on a dating site and decided to create one of their own avoiding some of the pitfalls of other sites. They had given good guidelines to follow too and for me safety was important so I had made sure to read all information that was available.

Snapping myself back to the present I began drying my hair which amazing went very well which made me smile. After applying some subtle make up it was Sunday afternoon after all, I put on a bright colored sun dress and strappy sandals and I was good to go.

We had both sent each other a text earlier saying that all was okay and that we were looking forward to meeting each other. He had been out the night before with his friends so he was a little worse for wear but he was sure by 2pm he would be back to his usual self.

I drove to the meeting point in good time preferring to be early I parked up in a position that would enable me to see him arrive, he told me he drove a black and white mini convertible and I was sure he would have the roof down today due to it being such a beautiful day.

The car park was quite busy and I was fifteen minutes early and the nerves began to kick in, no matter how many meetings I had it still made me have butterflies. Which if I am honest I liked because I never knew if the next person I would meet could be my lifelong partner, although it did not bother me too much because I was enjoying myself so much.

Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a black and white convertible mini driving into the car park and sure enough the roof was down and omg he was looking pretty good from where I was sitting.


Yet another date, part one

Published on May 22, 2014, by in A New Member's View.

I logged on to the Mature Free and Single website smiling to myself, I was expecting an email from Phil a member of the site who lived a few hundred miles away but who was visiting friends in my area and we had said that the next time he was in my area we were going to meet each other after sending lots of emails to each other in the few months since I had joined the site.

Sure enough there was an email in my inbox from Phil saying that he would be available on Sunday afternoon if I still wanted to meet up with him. I quickly wrote an email saying that would be great and then gave my mobile number and sent it back to him.

I think it is always a good idea to have a chat with someone on the phone before meeting. You can tell a lot by someone’s voice and how they speak to you. I began reading my other emails sending a few replies back then went on to read the diary entries. I was chuckling to myself at some of the more comical ones, some people just write jokes in their diaries and I enjoy reading those just as much as the more serious ones.

I was just about to write my own diary entry when my mobile rang and it was Phil calling, he sounded very much as I expected to him to be, very polite and respectful which came across in his former emails. We spoke for about twenty minutes and after making arrangements to meet in a popular pub restaurant local to where I live and about 5 miles from where he was staying for the weekend. We said our goodbyes and both agreed if anything happened that would prevent us meeting we would let each other know, another good reason to exchange telephone numbers.

I wrote my diary entry which was about how far would you travel to meet someone and sent it off for approval. It was soon approved and a short while I began to get some replies. As usual I received a wide range of opinions which amused me no end, some said that they would not travel beyond ten miles because of the cost of fuel and then others said they would travel the length and breadth of the country to meet the woman of their dreams and was I free this weekend.

I laughed out loud then replying saying I like your style but I had already got a few dates lined up so I said that they would have to be put on hold for the moment, this amused some of the older cheeky members who were always up for a bit of playful banter. One particular older member who lived quite near to me sent me an email saying he was up for taking me out to lunch anytime but I quickly responded thank you for the offer but 25 years difference in age was pushing it a little bit!

I was looking forward to meeting Phil sometimes you get a good feeling about someone and I certainly had always enjoyed his emails and although he was my usual type he certainly stimulated my brain.

Hmm roll on Sunday.



Another potential friend

Published on May 8, 2014, by in A New Member's View.

I logged on to the Mature Free and Single website and decided to write a diary entry. I had been laughing all day and I felt good so I wanted to share what had amused me through my diary.

I quickly wrote my entry and sent it forward to be approved and it was appeared on the site and in no time at all. Within minutes I was receiving emails from other members who had read the entry and felt that they wanted to respond.

I smiled to myself; I could never feel lonely on the site because it was so easy to strike up a conversation with someone after writing a brief diary it opened so much communication. Even the very shy members then had an excuse to contact me.

One such member called Philip sent me an email saying. I love your positive attitude to life, you seem to see the funny side of everything and I am surprised that you have not been snapped up before because you seem a really nice person.

I read his profile and noted that it said that he had been a member on the site for quite a while, he was looking for friendships like me and he was an avid writer of diary entries. I sent him a reply thanking him for his kind comments and said that I too enjoyed reading his entries.  I also asked him what he got from the site.

Fairly soon I received his reply, which told me that he had indeed been a member of the site for above a year and he could not imagine not being a member. He had made many friends all over the UK and had traveled and holidayed with a couple of other members.

I had seen other diaries in the past who had said that they were looking to go abroad to do some traveling and exploring who then asked the question is there anyone who would like to accompany them. All above board separate accommodation no strings attached and I thought that was such a brave thing to do, but after reading Philips email I could understand how people could connect and make good friends and new travel companions.

We sent emails backwards and forward for the next hour or so he lived 300 miles away from in a beautiful part of the UK which had always appealed to me. He asked me if I had planned any holidays this year and I replied saying no which was obviously due to the fact that I had nobody to go with.

Well if you would like to come down to this part of the world I know of a lovely little guest house close to where I live and I would be a willing tour guide to show you the local attractions was he response.

I smiled to myself hmm this good be something that could be viable, lets keep in touch with each other I replied, that may be something I would very much like to do.

I logged off smiling feeling very positive Philip may not be the love of my life but I felt that I had just made another potentially very good friend.


Slipped through the net !

I logged on to the Mature Free and Single website to see that I had received an email from a guy I had never seen before.  I wondered if he had just joined but after reading his email he had said that he had been following my diary entries with interest and he admired the fact that I wrote something everyday. He also suggested that I look at his profile.

He then went on to write that he would be delighted if I was to send him a return email. Now the one thing I always do is send a reply to anyone that has taken the trouble to email me, it’s only polite to do so. I clicked on his profile and noticed that he was not currently online, good I thought, I preferred to read someone’s profile when they were not aware and then I did not feel they were watching to see if I responded.

His name was Simon and he was 55, 6ft and lived about 25 miles away from me. Divorced,  retired which surprised me because of his age with 2 grown up children.  He mentioned he was retired early from the police force due to an accident at work.

I really liked his personality which shone through his profile. Just at that moment he came online and I clicked off his profile to write him an email.

I told him that I found his profile very honest and sincere and I asked him how he found retirement at such an early age.  He replied that he had taken early retirement due to an injury at work which pensioned him out of the force.  He then when to say that he was interested in Art,

So I asked him if he had ever visited a well known gallery about 20 miles from where he lived. He was quick to respond and thanked me for taking the time to the reply. He said that he had visited the gallery that I mentioned although it was many years ago and wondered if I would fancy going with him apologizing in case I found him a little bit forward. I had to smile that was a first, one email and then being asked to meet!

Apparently he had been on the site for a couple of months, that’s strange I thought because I had never noticed him before. When I had put in a search for men in my area I must have missed him.

We started a chat on the instant messenger and he went on to tell me that he had only just put on a photograph which explained why I had not noticed him before. I had set my searches for people with a photograph so that is how he had slipped though the net.

We chatted all evening and he appeared to be a really nice man. So he said how about coming to the Art Gallery with me on Saturday.  I responded with the words, I would love to.

Another date in the bag, I love this site.

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