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Dating & Friendship for the Over 40s...

Long Distance


I logged on to The Mature Free and Single website and immediately went to my inbox to see if I had an email from John who was my long distance buddy.

Right from joining the site John and I had a good connection; we emailed each other daily and followed each others diary entries. He had told me that he was going on a date the day before and I was keen to hear how it went.

Just as I expected there was an email from him saying. When you read this come through to me for a chat which was easier than emailing back and forward. I clicked on his profile to check that he was online, he was. I pressed the chat button and waited for him to connect.

Hello Gorgeous he typed. Then he began to tell me all about his previous date telling me that she was a lovely woman and they had both had a great time. I felt my heart sink a little but then thought to myself don’t be selfish. They had shared coffee and cake and then gone for a walk round a local market and bought a few things, he bought her a bunch of flowers then he walked her back to her car.

Are you going to meet again I enquired (thinking all the time, I don’t really want to hear the answer) No he replied she was a lovely lady but I did not feel the spark. Oh dear was my reply secretly smiling to myself.

What about your date he asked me. I went on to tell him that unfortunately I had not had the best of dates after meeting someone the previous evening who talked at me as opposed to having a conversation and that I too would not be seeing him again.

He commiserated with me and we both had a laugh and said back to the drawing board. We chatted a bit longer then signed out and I went to bed.

About 3am I was wide awake and decided to get up and make myself a hot drink, I went into the lounge and picked up my laptop thinking I would log on to the dating site and read a few diary entries.

I logged on invisible I was aware that there would be a lot of night workers online but I was not looking to chat to anyone, I was just looking to read the diaries

I had just started reading when John appeared at the bottom of my screen. I was amazed and I looked at his profile and he looked at mine. Then I sent him an email sayings are you okay?  what are you doing online at this time.

He replied, this is so weird I woke up and thought of you and then for some reason felt I should come online! I know I live a long way from you, but you tick all my boxes and I can’t stop thinking about you!

To be continued


Age is but a number


I logged on to the Mature Free and Single website to see what was happening it was quite busy with lots of people on the site, I checked my messages and was just sending a few replies when I noticed that yet again a man older than myself on the site viewed my profile, it was a becoming a bit of a daily ritual. I smiled to myself, thinking come on be brave.

One of my regular friends online began to tell me how his date went the night before. She was great he said, exactly like her photograph in fact, no she was better. He went on to describe every little detail so much so that I felt like I had actually been with them on their date!  They had made arrangements to see each other a few days later and then suddenly she came online and he was saying goodbye to me to go and chat to her!

I was reading the diary entries, first chuckling to myself, then sighing at some of the more sensitive ones. All the time noticing the older guy kept looking at my profile. I decided to take matters in to my own hands and send him an email.

Hi Roy, I have noticed that you keep looking at my profile, I don’t bite you know.  Signed my name along with a smiley face and sent it across to him.

After about 10 minutes I thought, well he is not going to reply, so I started to write a diary entry informing everyone about my day. It was quite a long entry and just as I had completed it and sent it off for approval I noticed that I had received an email from Roy It said:

Hi there, thanks for your email, I do admit to keep looking at your profile lol, and would like to take you out for a bite to eat, however I would understand if you feel that my age is a problem? Bye for now. Roy.

I smiled to myself he was only 9 years older than me and really age is but a number, it’s how a person acts which reflects their age. Its funny but I can look at someone’s profile who is 55 and they look 65 and then someone who is 64 may look in their early 50’s

I quickly typed a reply saying I have no problem regarding the age difference, you seem like a gentleman who would be very nice company and sent it flying back in his direction.

Then I had the wait, I had a sneaky look to see if he was still online and he was. It must have been a good half an hour later when a email landed from Roy

Well thanks its said,  you have made my day, Dinner it is then, what days best for you?

Hmm, I smiled to myself,  another date planned.


Valentines Day


I logged on to my laptop, feeling if I am honest, a little bit down.  Here I was sat on my own on Valentines Day night. When I should have been out enjoying myself or at the very least sat here with a lovely man.  It had been a bit hard today at work watching my colleges receive lovely red roses and hearing them talking about what they were doing that evening.

I started reading through my messages and they instantly began to cheer up. Obviously there were more people than me sat alone tonight who were logged on to the Mature Free and Single website chatting, emailing and basically just reading other members diary entries.  I started reading through the diary entries myself and found myself was smiling in no time,  its funny how some men always write jokes and then other people always write serious entries about factual subjects. I love it because whatever mood I am in there is something that will entertain me.

I decided to write a diary entry and wrote the following.

Its Valentines Day night and I am sat here alone but the strange thing is that I don’t feel alone because you lot are on here too. Happy Valentines Day everyone, lets hope this time next year some of us are with someone special.

I pressed the send button and my message flew off in to cyber space waiting for approval in no time at all it was approved and was visible for other members to see.

Then messages started coming through to me from people all over the country. A guy from Scotland said Hi there, don’t be upset because your sat on your own on Valentines night, it’s a right money making thing  Valentines day, this made me giggle, he went on to say. The restaurants are charging a fortune,  just because they are putting a candle and a few red hearts on the tables.

But Donald I replied how romantic it would be sat staring into a beautiful woman’s eyes across a table lit by candlelight.

Rubbish he came back with, Valentines Day should be everyday of the year for a couple not one night so the restaurants can profit out of it.  Hmm, I thought maybe he had a point.

Another message came through from Richard 57 of Hull and It said you have a gift, A gift I thought, what’s a gift, what on earth is this. I opened the message and there was a virtual gift of a beautiful bunch of flowers with the message, Happy Valentines Day, they may not be the real thing but they are sent with affection just for you. Richard x

Well I was amazed; I instantly filled up with tears, what a lovely gesture, that he bothered to use the bolt on facility and purchase some flowers for me. I was completely blown away. It could not have been worth more had they been delivered to me personally. I clicked on his profile and saw that we had emailed each other before regarding diary entries.

I smiled to myself, hmm maybe there is much more to Richard than I had initially thought, time to find out more………    


Email alerts


I logged on to my laptop and noticed that I had received a wink from a really good looking guy who lived about twenty miles away. I clicked on his profile and was immediately impressed with what he had written. It was obvious he was very intelligent.  He also came across as a positive person which is always a plus in my eyes. No one wants to date a moaner, life is too short.

I saw he was divorced with two grown up children and he did a lot of charity work in his spare time. He had not put on his profile what he was looking for but I was assuming that it was friendship like me, with more if there was an attraction.

I felt a little shy, yes he had winked at me but did he really fancy me? Now I thought what should I do? I could do a cheeky little wink back and test the water or be brave and send him an email.

I decided on the latter and wrote.  Hi John, thanks for the wink I have just read your profile and I am really impressed, I signed my name and added a smiley and sent it off.

I began reading the diary entries but watching for my alert to say he had read my email. I think the bolt on facility of paying a small amount to see if someone has read my messages was worth every penny. I could see how quickly they respond and therefore know how keen they are lol.  I was learning the ropes now and felt that I was getting the best out of the site.

I was reading one particularly interesting diary entry when the alert came up that John had read my message. I kept reading the same line over and over again, thinking come on John send me a message. Five minutes later and still nothing oh well I though, he is obviously not interested.

I started reading another diary entry when I got alerted to a email arriving in my inbox you have received a email from John it said, yes but which John I thought I regularly send messages to other Johns   on the site and it could be one of those, I hovered my mouse over the emails icon and closed my eyes and pressed it, please, please, please let it be the John that I want it to be.

I opened one eye to have a look and it was, I gave a little squeal of delight he had replied, now what was he going to say.  It was quite a long message which read:

Hi, thanks for your email, I had read your profile earlier today and thought instantly that you were someone with whom I thought  I can associate with. Your humour and sincerity shines out in your profile. I was a little nervous about sending you an email and thought I would test the water with a wink to gauge how the land lay. Would love to know more about you?

I smiled to myself and quickly began to type a response. This was so much fun!


Searching !


I logged on to the Mature Free and Single website and smiled to myself, I had lots of emails in my inbox. I was finding that after being on the site for a couple of months, I was making lots of new friends and there was always someone online to chat to.

I sifted through my emails and came across one from a gentleman  who lived down south, now being a Northern girl I do like to have a bit of banter with the Southern guys even though it is very unlikely we would ever meet and do the long distance dating thing.

I had chatted online to a few people who had tried it and found that if both the parties were committed it could actually work. I wrote an email thanking him for contacting me and I also asked him what he thought of the site so far. I find this an excellent way to break the ice and begin a conversation. Because let’s face it everyone on a dating site has some sort of story to tell.

After reading my emails I went on to the main site and decided to do a search to see if there was anyone who lived near to me. Ideally I would prefer to find someone quite near to where I live so that I could see them at weekends and maybe once in the week. Work permitting

I went in to search members and decided to put in some filters. I find this a massive plus for sifting out men in the area I want. I even put in the height I would like due to me being 5ft 8 which is quite tall for a lady, I did a 25 mile search looking for men 5ft9 up to 6ft 5 between the ages of 52 to 62 which is 5 years either side of my age.

Very quickly I had selection of men to look at, I could look at the ones currently online or to get even more profiles I could look at everyone who was a member. I sat reading profile after profile sending cheeky little winks if anyone caught my eye. I also saved the ones who lived within 20 miles from me in my favourites box so I could send them an email to let them know I was on the site and lived nearby.

A message pinged in to my email box, I smiled to myself it was from the guy from down South, saying, what do I think to the site? Much better now I have received an email from you darling!

I smiled to myself and started to type back a reply. I really love this site.


Say hello to new members


I logged on to my laptop to find an email from the Mature Free and Single website showing a page of new members, I glanced at the photographs and one caught my eye,  it was a guy older than myself who lived about 20 miles away. It was something about his face that I liked it was a really clear photo which is so important and I decided to click to find out more about him.

His profile made me smile, he was a southerner who had relocated due to his work and now living in Yorkshire. Because he was new to the area he thought that joining a dating site would help him meet people for friendship and maybe even more. I liked the fact that he had said friendship first I think that is a sensible approach to online dating.

I sent him a welcome to the site message, introducing myself and testing the water really to see if he was receptive to my photograph and my profile. Sure enough he emailed me back saying thanks and we shared a few emails, and I explained the merits of the site.  

Over the next couple of evening we emailed and then progressed to chatting online, this made our communication quicker and more personal somehow.

After five days he asked me if I would like to meet him and of course I said yes. We agreed to meet half way and I chose a garden center which had a lovely coffee shop, most garden centers do and it’s a nice impersonal place to meet.

I took care getting ready going for a casual look of jeans and a jumper with smart black boots and red coat. Applying a little make up a spray of perfume and I was good to go. I arrived about 5 minutes early and text him to say I was there.

He was further down the car park and I saw him get out of his car and I smiled to myself. Hmm at least he looked like his photographs. I climbed out of my car, in all honesty feeling a little bit embarrassed. He saw me and started walking towards me smiling.

Finally we were face to face saying hello and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. He had obviously made an effort to meet me, he looked great in jeans and a jumper and I could smell his aftershave which was lovely.

Shall we grab a coffee he said, and we walked towards the entrance. We walked into the coffee shop ordered a coffee and sat down together, looking at each other we just starting smiling, well he said at least we have both turned up!

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