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Photographs gets results part two

I had been thinking about Ian at work today wondering if he would indeed get his daughter to take his photograph so that he would no longer be a grey blob on the dating site. Don’t get me wrong, I know it can be nerve racking putting yourself out there and believe me there are some critical people on the site who are looking for total perfection, which I think can be a little bit unrealistic. At the end of the day we are all human beings with flaws but it’s not always what’s on the outside that matters. You can come across the most beautiful person, who kills all your illusions when it becomes obvious that they are not a very nice person inside.

Give me a person who has a lovely warm personality over a Brad Pitt look alike any day, now Richard Gere hmm now that’s a different matter I have always had a thing for him!  Anyway I digress I could not wait to log on to the Mature Free and Single website to see if he had actually had put a photo online.

I logged on but then suddenly thought am I going to look very shallow racing to see what he looked like what if he did look like Shrek and he asked my opinion!!! Hmm perhaps if I just look to see who is online then I can take a sneaky look without him actually knowing that I have looked after all to be forewarned is to be forearmed. (Am I going into battle here?)

After spending half an hour looking through who was online It became clear that he wasn’t online yet so I logged out deciding that I would make a meal then log on later.

I logged back online at 9pm (I can tape Big Brother it is getting boring anyway) and quickly scanned through the, who’s online section. Why I was so bothered is beyond me because it’s not as if I see him as a potential date living so far away. I think I was bothered because I wanted him to find what he was looking for.  Argh he was not there! I started reading the diary entries. The usual people had submitted entries but when I scrolled down I thought I don’t recognize this guy photo. I looked at his name and was amazed to see it was Ian from Scotland not only had he put a photo online but he had wrote his very first diary entry too, which read.

“Hi, I am Ian from Scotland, I was just about to give up on this online dating lark when one member told me that I had to put a photo on my profile so people could see me and then I might get a response. After going to my daughters today and having around 30 photos taken she and I finally agreed that this was about the best of a bad lot. What do you think?”

I was actually amazed, not only because he had put a photo on the site but because he had put a diary entry online too. He had opened himself up completely and he looked really good on the photo. I can’t wait to find out what response he gets. Oh why is he not online now?.

To be continued.

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