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Photographs gets results

I logged on to the Mature Free and Single website and noticed straight away that I had received a message yet again from a guy called Ian, who had not put a photograph of himself on the site. He came across as a really intelligent guy who lived in Scotland and he had sent me a few emails before. I had asked him why no photo and he said he had not got round to taking one yet.

Now this baffles me, surely when you join a site like this you fill in all the necessary requirements to become a member, but let’s face it a photo is very important because along with a profile it completes the registration.

Now maybe I have a suspicious nature but my mind starts working overtime when I just see a blob on someone’s profile, hmm perhaps they have something to hide. Perhaps they don’t want to be recognized by someone else! Or they work in parliament, which one guy without a photograph told me once when I enquired “why no photo”. His response was I have a very high powered job but if he give me your private email address I will send you a photo………. Yeah right, dream on was my reply.

This is a dating site not anything to be ashamed of, lots of people meet through dating sites nowadays. I agree in the past, and I mean a long time ago when dating sites first came available, there was a little bit of a stigma but now it is the perfect way to meet someone without having to go out to bars and clubs; besides when you’re older bars and clubs don’t always hold the same appeal.

I clicked on the email to see what he had written, it was telling me that he was not having much luck on the site which he could not understand. He was looking for a serious relationship and now had got to the point where he thought the site was a waste of money.  I sent a reply back saying with respect Ian what do you expect, a lot of people have a block on anyone without a photograph not many people who are looking for more than friendships want to build up a relationship with a faceless blob.

He was quick to respond saying he had not had the time. Make time was my response. After about 5 minutes he replied saying that he felt a bit shy putting a photograph online, what if everyone thinks I am a right ugly beggar he said.

Ian, I replied, I believe that there is someone for everyone on here beauty is in the eye of the beholder but until someone can create an overall picture of someone then it’s a pointless exercise looking for love on a dating site. Maybe you disagree but that is my opinion.

I see your point he said, I will ask my daughter to take my photo tomorrow and put it online for everyone to see!

Can’t wait was my reply.

To be continued


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