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Save Money in 2011 and have more Dates!

Let’s face it.  Most of us are feeling the pinch in January.  We have spent more than we should have in December, followed by more spending at the sales in January.  Now you may be wondering how on earth you are going to recover your finances for this year.  There are now many websites which can help us find the best price for just about everything, as well as sites that offer freebies and discounts.  Invest the time now, and you could be saving yourself money for the rest of the year.

Comparison Sites

The internet is now flooded with comparison sites which enable us to shop around for or switch to the best price.  We have Gocompare.com and Confused.com for comparing and switching insurance and utilities, Petrolprices.com which finds the cheapest petrol in our postcode and now our biggest supermarkets offer their prices up for comparison on Mysupermarket .co.uk. Quaffersoffers.co.uk notifies us of supermarket and off-license offers before they come up, Kelkoo.co.uk will search retailers  by category or brand to come up with the best price for a product, and we can now even search for the best price for downloaded music thanks to Comparedownload.com.  If Amazon.co.uk doesn’t win on price, you can always try Bookbrain.co.uk which will find the best online price.

Although some of these sites can take some time to navigate, and there is a lot of reading to do – they can save us a good deal of money, and allow us to switch utilities (for example) online, at home, even out of hours, which may be the only time you have.

Spend Wisely

If you don’t have it already, download Skype.  This site allows you to make free phone calls to other Skype users around the world.  You can call Skype numbers for free, and pay a greatly reduced rate for calling mobiles and abroad.  You will need a handset or a webcam and microphone on your computer (many have them built in these days) and you are ready to go. Turn2us.org.uk enables you to check whether you are eligible for any state benefits. Mylostaccount.org.uk gives you the chance to locate any forgotten bank accounts you may have!  Tired of dialling 0870 numbers and sitting in a phone system on hold knowing that you are being charged for the call?  Try Saynoto0870.com for a list of geographic numbers for the large corporations that list 0870 numbers.  Selling your home?  Don’t pay estate agent fees – select a private house sales website and save yourself some big bucks!


Recycling is now an everyday term as our conscience grows for our planet, as well as our pocket!  Looking for or getting rid of, Freecycle.org is a network of people who have something that they want to give away, or are looking for.  It is well worth taking a look and costs nothing.   Back to books, and the Readitswapit.co.uk site allows you to exchange your books for something on someone else’s shelf.  The service is free and only costs postage.  Another area of growth in the recycling arena is for mobile phones. Sellmymobile compares all the sellers, the rates they offer along with ratings.  Do not donate your old phone, it is worth MONEY!

The best online advice

For current deals on shopping and investments, news about online vendors, warnings about scams, and guidelines about internet financial safety we have a number of sites, Moneywise.co.uk and Moneysaving expert.com to name a couple.  These sites give comprehensive advice and tips and are well worth a visit.

Last of all…  to best save money, don’t go shopping!  How about going on a cheap date instead?

The Applausestore.com offers thousands of free tickets for TV and radio shows and Lastminute.com offers fantastic deals on theatre tickets and meals out.


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