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Slipped through the net !

I logged on to the Mature Free and Single website to see that I had received an email from a guy I had never seen before.  I wondered if he had just joined but after reading his email he had said that he had been following my diary entries with interest and he admired the fact that I wrote something everyday. He also suggested that I look at his profile.

He then went on to write that he would be delighted if I was to send him a return email. Now the one thing I always do is send a reply to anyone that has taken the trouble to email me, it’s only polite to do so. I clicked on his profile and noticed that he was not currently online, good I thought, I preferred to read someone’s profile when they were not aware and then I did not feel they were watching to see if I responded.

His name was Simon and he was 55, 6ft and lived about 25 miles away from me. Divorced,  retired which surprised me because of his age with 2 grown up children.  He mentioned he was retired early from the police force due to an accident at work.

I really liked his personality which shone through his profile. Just at that moment he came online and I clicked off his profile to write him an email.

I told him that I found his profile very honest and sincere and I asked him how he found retirement at such an early age.  He replied that he had taken early retirement due to an injury at work which pensioned him out of the force.  He then when to say that he was interested in Art,

So I asked him if he had ever visited a well known gallery about 20 miles from where he lived. He was quick to respond and thanked me for taking the time to the reply. He said that he had visited the gallery that I mentioned although it was many years ago and wondered if I would fancy going with him apologizing in case I found him a little bit forward. I had to smile that was a first, one email and then being asked to meet!

Apparently he had been on the site for a couple of months, that’s strange I thought because I had never noticed him before. When I had put in a search for men in my area I must have missed him.

We started a chat on the instant messenger and he went on to tell me that he had only just put on a photograph which explained why I had not noticed him before. I had set my searches for people with a photograph so that is how he had slipped though the net.

We chatted all evening and he appeared to be a really nice man. So he said how about coming to the Art Gallery with me on Saturday.  I responded with the words, I would love to.

Another date in the bag, I love this site.

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