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Special Diary Entry


One thing I enjoy about being on the Mature Free and Single dating website are the diary entries. Believe me you can get to know a lot about a person through what they write in their diary entries. I had been watching the diaries of one particular man with interest. He sounded lovely, very level headed and he always appeared to have a positive attitude, which is a very attractive quality in a man.

He was always posting entries about his life and the adventures he had experienced, which sounded so exciting to me. I had sent him the occasional email and he always responded thanking me for taking the time to email him.

It was hard to know if he thought of me as a potential date though. Yes he lived near me tick…  And he was in the right age group for me …tick. But how was I going to let him know I was interested.

Now I am all for women going for what they want, but I am old fashioned in the sense that men are the hunters and they are the ones to do the hunting. So how could I do this?

I decided to post a diary entry which said.

I have been on the site for 3 months now and although I have been out on several dates I have not found the person who I would like more than friendship with. I am looking for a man who is intelligent, non judgmental aged 56 preferably with blue eyes dark hair and 6ft 2 living in the Manchester area

I could not have made it any clearer had I named him. Now it was the waiting game. My diary entry was accepted and went live online, I was so nervous. What if he just ignored it! 

Now he normal went online daily and I logged on a few times that day to see if he was online. Both times I noted that he had not been online ….. It was torture for me waiting. I got a few emails from other members saying I may not be dark haired with all the other qualities that you have stated but will I do? I had a giggle and emailed them back saying good try but I am after one man on the site and this is a way of finding out if he is interested in me.

He never came online that day or the next and on the third day he appeared, I was in such a state I thought well he has missed my diary entry by three days he probably wont even see it .

Then a message appeared in my inbox

Hi Elaine  for the last 2 days I have been ill with a cold and I have not been on line but suddenly I feel a lot better because I am 56, blue eyed with dark hair. I am 6ft 2 living in Manchester area and I seem to fit the description of who you are looking for. How about meeting for a coffee and a chat?




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