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Dating & Friendship for the Over 40s...

Sunday lunch.


 Sunday arrived and I was excited at meeting my lunch date  who I had been chatting to online.  We were meeting at a country pub for lunch and I dressed with care not wanting to be overdressed nor too causal.  In the end I chose some smart black jeans and a floaty top.

I was nervous driving over because I really wanted this man to be as good in the flesh as he appeared online, I arrived ten minutes early and although I did not know what he drove I saw a jeep over in the corner of the car park with someone sat in it, although I could not see clearly if it was him. I rang his mobile number and said I was in the car park.

The jeep door opened and he got out and began walking towards my car. Now this is the bit which I find both exciting and scary. Would I like him and more importantly would he like me. I looked at him as he drew closer and I definitely was not disappointed, he was quite a bit older than me but did not look it, he was so handsome and had a great body.

He came close and gave me the continental kiss on each cheek and said he was pleased to meet me. We walked into the bar and ordered a couple of drinks. We looked at each other and I said to him, “Am I like my photograph.” “Better he replied, your photographs online do not do you justice, you are lovely”.

I could not take my eyes from his face he had a lovely well trimmed goatee beard and he was wearing a white linen shirt and smart pants, he really looked good.

We were led to our table and we both had a look at the menu and we both decided to go for the chicken salad and then began updating each other on our lives to date. He had only just joined the site and after seeing one of my diary entries he had made a joke which broke the ice.

We both had basically joined the site in the hope of finding true love after both having failed relationships Our meals came and it was difficult to eat because we had so much to tell each other. He spoke about the fascinating life he had lead which was quite unbelievable to hear about and was really interesting.  I found myself looking at him and thinking wow you are so lovely how lucky am I.

When we were having our coffees he spoke of how much he was enjoying my company and how much he would love to see me again. I smiled to myself; I knew then without doubt that we would be seeing each other again. When we had finished our meal he paid the bill and walked me back to my car.

Would you like to see me again Elaine he asked. Definitely I replied knowing without doubt that this was going to be the start of something really good.