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The importance of a good profile

I logged on to the Mature Free and Single website feeling positive. I had been writing more and more diary entries and was really getting in to the flow of the site. This site is different from the others; by this I mean the site is so flexible.

Most dating sites are obviously quite serious in the fact that it is just purely dating. On the Mature Free and Single website I can look to build up my friendships or potential partners. I had already made several friends mainly through my diary entries and every time I visited the site I could usually find someone to chat to about various topics.

I was reading through all the diary entries when I noticed an entry from Richard who was a new member and he was complaining that no one was replying to his emails. I looked at his profile and it became pretty obvious to me why he was not getting a positive response. His profile was stilted and short and his photograph showed him on a holiday in which he was a mere spec in the distance.

Oh Richard, I thought, is it any wonder you are not getting positive responses. I quickly penned an email saying “Hi Richard, I’ve just seen your diary entry and thought I would send you an email. In the ladies defence I am sure that you are a very nice guy but your profile does not do you justice. Have you ever heard the saying you only get one chance to make a first impression?

Please don’t think I am being critical but I am sure there is more you can say about yourself.” I sent the email thinking, Please don’t be offended Richard I am trying to help you. Five minutes later an email landed back from Richard saying “Hi there, thanks for your email I can see what you mean but I find it so hard to write about myself it took me ten attempts to write what I have. I don’t suppose you could help me write something?”

I replied back saying “Sure, let me ask you some questions.” I then typed in some standard questions. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? How would you describe yourself are you shy, quiet, outgoing? What music do you like? Who is your ideal woman and what would be your ideal first date. I sent the email back to him and could immediately tell that he had a good sense of humour by his reply.

I laughed to myself so his ideal woman would have a pulse then! I rewrote his profile for him from his own words which made him sound completely different from the stilted version he had written and sent it back along with the advice “Oh and let’s see a close up photo”.

Half an hour later I received an email from Richard saying, “Thanks for the excellent advice, I can’t believe it I am now receiving emails from women!” I looked at his profile which read completely different to the previous one and noticed he had uploaded a very nice photograph too. You are welcome Richard I wrote back and no more negative diary entries please along with a smiley face.

I then smiled to myself and logged off the site.

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