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The phone call part two

After chatting to Joe on the Mature Free and Single website I was finally going to speak to him on my mobile and boy was I nervous. Please, please I said to myself, don’t let all my illusions be shattered, you can tell a lot about someone with that first phone call and their voice. Yes, I appreciate that it can be nerve wracking for both parties and that is taken in to consideration, but I have found that I can connect with some people easier than others.

One guy I spoke to I felt like I was pulling teeth, all he gave me were one word answers and after about ten minutes of that I realized that perhaps we were not an ideal match. I don’t mean to sound harsh and I do take into account both of us being nervous but, well I just know if it is going to be right or not.

Watching the clock get nearer and nearer to the allotted time I made a quick visit to the loo and made myself a drink, thinking calm down it’s only a phone call and even though I was expecting his call I jumped when my mobile rang. Picking it up and seeing a number that I did not recognize I knew that it was Joe.

“Hi Joe” I said, ”Hi” came his reply, “how did you know it was me?” “Well” I replied, thinking he has a nice voice and did not sound like he was nervous which made me feel better, “all my other men friends have already rung so there was only you left to ring me”.

This broke the ice and we both laughed. He was great, every bit like his emails he was a joker and made light of the whole situation which is good. I told him I had received a few bad first phone calls when I had to experience hearing all about another person’s failed relationship and what they had done to them and we both agreed that a first phone call should just be a general getting to know you call without being too deep.

The time flew by (always a good sign) and in no time at all we had been chatting for an hour, so we said our goodbyes and arranged to chat again a few days later.

Smiling to myself I wondered why I got so nervous just chatting to people on the phone, sure I had done that before and then later I had met up with them and in turn they had not become the love of my life, but a good friend. It was only a very few that had turned into a complete disaster.

Hmm, I think Joe could live up to my expectation, time would tell.






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