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Daily dose of attention !

The day after I had joined the site I logged on to see if my profile and photographs were now active online.  I clicked in and could not believe it.

I read the words, here’s your daily dose of all the attention you’ve received on The Mature Free and Single website in the last 24 hours… Don’t forget to keep logging in to make sure you don’t miss out on anything, or anyone! I scrolled down to read the other information.

What the heck! It said that 70 people had viewed my profile in the last 24 hours! I had 15 winks and 19 messages; I had the biggest smile on my face, what an ego boost for a divorced lady who was beginning to feel a little bit past her sell by date.

I sat down in shock and started to read. Some of them were Ice Breakers, that is they were sent to all the ladies on the site, I had thought about sending one myself but I had not felt confident enough and I thought I would save that for later when I had found my feet on the site.

I scrolled down the messages to a guy who looked rather nice and read his email which said, Hi Jayne, I came across your profile which is very similar to mine, take a look and maybe we can chat sometime? Peter.

 I clicked on to Peters profile feeling rather shy because it showed that he was online. Don’t be silly I said to myself he has emailed you. I read down his profile and he was indeed very similar to me, after being married for years he had now found himself single again.

Was it really going to be this easy? I looked further down the list to find that I had received an email from an older gentleman, much older than me in fact 30 years older. I opened it and it said.

Hi Elaine, if you would like me to take you out to lunch sometime just let me know. I quickly typed back a reply saying Hi, thanks for the kind offer, but I am looking for someone nearer my own age. I had decided  after reading lots of the diary entries from the men on the site that some ladies did not respond to their emails. I had decided then that if someone had taken the time to email me, using my name that, I would have the courtesy to reply.

I looked at a few of the emails in which the men had winked at me and there were some pretty good looking ones in there. I checked out their location, but unfortunately they lived too far away. But feeling quite liberated now I sent a cheeky wink back. How brave am I getting?

I was going to have so much fun of this site


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