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Merry Christmas


Christmas day arrived and I logged on to the Mature Free and Single website and I was amazed how many people were online. I quickly type a diary entry wishing everyone a merry Christmas. The diary entry was approved almost straight away, which surprised me really because I would have thought that no diary entries would be printed on Christmas Day.

In no time at all I was receiving messages from the male member’s online wishing me a Merry Christmas and asking me what I was doing with myself  and if I was going to visit relatives. I was playing the usual ping pong email game replying to every email I received.

Then I noticed that my long distance friend was online so we wished each other Merry Christmas and caught up with each others progress on the site. He was telling me that he was supposed to meet someone the other day but she cried off when she said she had to take her son to causality with a broken finger. He asked me if I thought it was an excuse because she did not want to meet him. I said I doubted that very much.

I noticed that one male member called Paul who had asked me out at least a dozen times was online and then right on cue he sent the usual message when are you going to meet me for a drink?  I hovered over the reply box, I had to admire him, and he had not given up asking me, I was a little bit frightened of taking the leap but then thought, Why not, I am on a dating site for a reason to meet new people.

 I laughed to myself,  I will give him a shock and say yes, so I quickly typed Okay I will meet you for a drink after Christmas. I pressed send and my message flew into cyber space and landed in his inbox.

A few minutes later I received an email from him saying, great have a lovely day, I will email you tomorrow to arrange where and when.  Meanwhile you have a think where you would like to meet.

 I smiled to myself, well this would be my first date and he seemed nice enough so why not it would be better than being sat in alone on Boxing Day. I signed out of the site and headed out of the door to visit my family.

I signed on again on Boxing Day and after five minutes reading the diary entries I had received an email from Paul the persistent!  Asking where I would like to meet up. I had seen that there was a brass band playing at a local pub near to where I lived so I quickly sent Paul a reply saying where the pub was and what time it started. He replied saying that sounds good to me, see you there at 2pm?

I smiled to myself and replied back saying it’s a date! Now what to wear on a first date???    

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