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Dating & Friendship for the Over 40s...

Weekly Update


I logged on to my laptop and noticed that I had received an email from The Mature Free and Single dating site informing me of my weekly update, I find these fascinating and quite a unique thing for an online dating site. It informs me many people have viewed my profile, which is always a plus just in case I have missed anyone who looks interesting. Along with how many winks and how many messages I have received.

I have noticed that the longer I have been on the site, the higher the numbers are climbing up. I am gaining both admirers and friends and my favorites box is beginning to look quite healthy now. It is a good feeling to log on and know that there is always someone to chat to and with whom you can have a laugh and exchange your thoughts with.

I checked my other emails and noticed that there was one from someone without a photograph. Now I have noticed varying degrees of thoughts about someone having a profile without having a photograph displayed. Quite a lot of people say on their profile if you do not have a photo I will not reply.

That is a bit hard, because sometimes the member may have just joined the site and their photo may be waiting for approval.  I also think that if someone has bothered to email me by name its only good manners to reply.  

He came across as highly polite and intelligent and said that he had read my profile and had found it very open and honest and he liked my photographs too and would I like to chat. Now the chat facility is an excellent tool for having one to one chats with someone, but I personally prefer to have received a few emails from someone in the first instance.

So I sent him a email back saying thanks for your email but I do not use the chat facility until I have got to know someone a little better, have you just joined the site?

About 5 minutes later he replied that he had indeed just joined the site and after reading my diary entries he thought that I came across as a woman who would reply to his email (see I told you writing diary entries work)

I smiled to myself wondering how many people disregard profiles without photographs without checking them out. His profile showed me that he was quite a lot older than me and he was looking for friendship. Well I can never have enough friends on the site and we exchanged half a dozen emails in which I explained how the site worked and what he could do to get the best out of his online experience. He was very grateful and said he was going to have an attempt at uploading a photograph the following day.

Like most people he was a little bit lost regarding what to write on his profile and the advice I gave him was just write it from your heart and let it flow. He said he would have a go and thanked me very much for my help.

Get me!  I am now helping other new members!!!