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Dating & Friendship for the Over 40s...

Time to go

Things were going great now with John from Cornwall, I found myself logging on to the Mature Free and Single website much less often, just to chat to the friends that I had made in the last year and even some of the guys I had been out with previously used to send me the odd email letting me know of their progress on the site.

John was coming to see me more and more often and we decided that we wanted to become exclusive to each other. He had left the site now, because in his words what was the point he had found the woman that he wanted and although he had made friends on the site he felt that it was not appropriate for him to remain; the site had done its job!

I had removed my photograph and changed my profile. I had written a new one explaining that I was seeing someone from the site who I believed would be the man for me. This stopped most of the contact. One reason was because there were no photos of me for people to see (I told you that photographs do work, honestly they do) so only my close friends on the site would contact me to see how I was doing.

I still was an avid diary entry reader because I felt that if I could help anyone who was feeling frustrated with the site I could do so. I could also share people’s happiness when they found someone on the site and they decided that they were leaving to further develop that relationship.

I know this probably sounds stupid but I did feel sad when I decided that the time was right to completely leave the site. It had helped me so much in my search for the right man and it felt comforting somehow.  Yes, I had had disappointments, I had felt let down by some people too, but the real friends on the site are still around and we still email each other regularly for updates, which I love to hear about.

So when the time came to delete myself completely I did feel sad, I like a lot of people on the site had lived my life almost publicly in the diary entries and reading them back before deleting them all made me feel happy and sad at the same time, even though it had delivered exactly who I was looking for (even if he lived 350 miles away) distance is only a problem if you let it be.