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To pay or not to pay – the cost of internet dating

Published on May 11, 2010, by in Senior Dating Advice.

The Dating Market today:-

Google “Internet Dating” today, and literally reams and reams of dating sites pop up.  Not only is internet dating now a well known method of dating, you can also find the more traditional, bespoke dating and dinner dating agenices, speed dating events, as well as new trends from the US, like Eye Gazing Parties, Dinner in the Dark events, etc.  The fact is Dating is big business, there are a lot of people out there looking for love and happiness, and there are many approaches available to you for finding your perfect partner.

Not only do we have a choice of medium – but across internet dating sites, there is a wide range of functionality, huge databases of single members, specialised niche sites, sites defined by age, race, religion, interests, free internet dating, and more costly memberships not to mention guarantees of emotional happiness,  – you name it, it is out there.

The fact is – we think someone else can help us find that elusive “partner” better than we can!  Are we too lazy, too busy, can’t trust our own judgement any more? Or are we so disillusioned by the whole  thing that we now feel we need to rely entirely on an outsider (or a match making function on a dating site) to find our ideal life-partner for us?

Once we have discounted the expensive options of bespoke agencies, we are left with the internet, or chance.  Chance is free, and a timely process.  Might we meet someone at the gym, or the library, or the bus stop?  Or with some investment of time – could the internet speed things up for us?

Free Internet Dating

Many dating sites offer free membership, which lends to there being so many dating sites. What you often get from a free site is a huge membership of half completed profiles, few photographs, and a disingenuous population by a membership who have no financial commitment, so they may log on once and never use it again. The site may also be funded by adverts – which may be irritating, and inappropriate.

Paid membership dating sites tend to have a greater duty to provide a service.  The membership will generally have a greater commitment to completing their profiles and logging on to the site, as they are serious about their relationship hunting and they are paying for it.  They can also afford to invest money in their emotional well being.

MatureFreeAndSingle.com membership fees

Most dating sites have a “cheaper to buy more” incentive – just like Sainsburys!  Although a year’s membership may sound like a lot of money, consider if you will, the cost of paying membership to a gym, or buying drinks in a bar, or the cost of subs for any number of club meetings.

At MatureFreeAndSingle, we are competitively priced, with our cheapest monthly rate with our annual membership working out at only £6.66 per month.

1 Month £19.95 £29.99 £34.95
3 Months £34.95 £59.97 £59.85
6 months £64.95 £77.94 £89.70
12 months £89.95 £119.40

We all know there is no such thing as a free lunch – there probably is no such thing as a free date either…

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