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Using the “Interweb” for Internet Dating

Congratulations, if you have found this article, you are already navigating your way around the internet, and this dating site blog!

Computers in the Grand Scheme of things…

Computers trace their origins back to the ‘50s, and began to fall into mainstream society in the early 80s with the introduction of IBM home computers and then with the launch of Microsoft Windows operating system they became commonplace.  Internet functionality started off a simple Email system, which evolved into the World Wide Web in the early ‘90s – only 20 years ago!  You may be surprised to learn that Google only launched their search engine in 1998 and that Ebay is only 15 years old.  These are all very recent features of modern day life, but now integral to everyone’s work and social life.  It has certainly rivalled traditional methods of dating extremely quickly.

A study by JupiterResearch expects that by 2011, 22 percent of the Earth’s population will be able to surf the Internet. The report also says that 1.1 billion people already have regular access to the Internet. The study excluded access to the web from mobile telephones.  In 2011 the world’s population will reach 7 billion.

The Evolution of Internet Dating and Computers.

Looking at the time man has walked this planet, computers and the web have been around an incredibly short time – lets say 30 years in the public domain, and already nearly 20% of the world’s population has access to it.  Already nearly 20% of the world’s population has access to internet dating sites – no wonder it is an increasingly popular way to meet new people.

I was lucky enough to have access to electric typewriters when I went to school…the year before me had to use the manual ones.  The youngsters of today are growing up using computers.  Even pre-schools for 3-4 year olds now come complete with computers, loaded ready with programs to assist learning – and children are picking it up fast.  By 4 they can use the mouse, the cursors, and if only they could read, would be all over the place!

Help for Internet Users

We mature adults need all the help we can get keeping up with technology available to us these days.  It does after all enable us to share photos with family abroad, keep in touch with everyone by email, or other social sites, go shopping late at night when the shops are shut, keep us up to date on local or world affairs – and enable us to connect with other adults who may be looking for friendship.

If you think you could use some help navigating the internet world – then look to your local Adult Education Centre.  They offer a huge variety of courses – from programming, to basic computer use.  The direct.gov.uk site searches the entire UK for courses available in your area – and can also provide a list of distance or online learning solutions.  Your local library is also a good starting point. Some courses are free, (see the BBC site) so search “Internet Courses Free” and see what comes up.  Best of luck!

Paula Taylor

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