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Dating & Friendship for the Over 40s...

We just clicked


You know how it is when you just click with someone, well that is how it was with Keith. He was a new member on the site, and he had been brave enough to submit a diary entry saying it was his birthday. I emailed him and said

‘Happy Birthday, I am sure this time next year you will have a special lady in your life.’

He replied thanking me and that was it!  We started emailing in earnest to each other.

Now after a few days of several hundreds of emails, we decided to use the Skype mic to communicate. It is funny, but to me, a voice can be a make or break moment. Well, Keith did not disappoint.

He had a lovely Southern accent, and was constantly laughing. In fact, we were both laughing a lot.

I was going out that evening, and he was going to work, so we said we would email each other the day after. I was quite excited at the prospect!

The day after our Skype experience, we were back to emailing each other, but it felt like ages before the emails came through, so we decided that we would Skype with both volume and video. 

The funny thing was, I did not feel nervous at the prospect at all. I just knew that we would get on.

Keith lives three and a half hours away, and I am always one to say that long distance relationships can be challenging, but there was no harm in Skyping, so at the allotted time I signed on, and he was there smiling into the camera. That was 6.30pm, we just talked and talked about everything and anything, with no awkward silences, and we were both constantly laughing at each other.

He had never been on a mature dating site before, and everything was new to him. I was telling him about all the friends I had made during my time on the site, the dates that I had been on, and the lovely people I had met.

The next time I looked at the clock it was 10pm, and we were both shocked at how long we had been chatting to each other. We decided to call it a night and arranged to chat a few days later.

Next day, I looked online to check my emails, and there was one from Keith.

‘Hi Elaine’, he said, ‘I really enjoyed chatting to you last night. Please can we do it again soon?’

I smiled to myself and typed back a reply saying I will look forward to it.

This online dating can be very entertaining x