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Dating & Friendship for the Over 40s...

Welcome to all our new dating singles!

January and February have been busy months for us at MFS, as joining a dating site seems to now be up there with joining a gym as the key activity to kick off the New Year.   A big WELCOME goes out to all of our new single members!    A quick run through of what you need to do in order to make the most of your dating site membership may help you to get up and running and out there meeting new singles as quickly as possible.

Fill out your profile

  1. Load your photo.  Be brave, go on.  Profiles are so much better for both parties if there is a photo.  Help other singles out, by showing your face!
  2. Your Name/Location are critical for others searching in their area.
  3. Your Characteristics supplement the photo, and help the reader understand the details around the photo, like height, hair colour etc.  There is a lot of bad press around people being economical with the truth… try and help turn this around, and remember that you might be meeting up with prospective viewers of your profile – so just tell the truth.
  4. Interests – is for me the most important area, alongside location.  It indicates what drives you, what you enjoy doing, what, for example, you could do with another person – on a date.  It only requires a tick in the box – and is very easy to complete.
  5. Lastly, your Profile, is a box of free text, for you to complete as you see fit.  You may want to explain the circumstances around your being single, or what type of person you would like to meet, or that you are looking for someone to take part in a specific event with you, or leave it blank if you have NO idea or expectations!

Get searching and send an Ice Breaker

Once your photo and profile have been approved, you can send your first ice-breaker. This is a type of “hello” to all those single dating members who match the criteria (age, location, etc) that you stipulate.  As a full member (paying) you can use the full astrology, diary, personality functions on the dating site as well as well as the email, chat and video facilities.

Words of advice

You will soon find that if you are active on the dating site, by that I mean responding to emails and winks from single seniors and making entries in your diary – that you will soon meet many new single people on the site.  You can begin to use filters on your email box so that you only receive emails and winks etc from people of a certain age group and location if you prefer to narrow your search.   Similarly, if you receive unwanted attentions from someone, you can “ignore” them – so you don’t receive any mails from them in future.  You can always reverse these settings if you change your mind.

The best advice is to set some time aside, and have a play around.  Follow the intuitive menus, and fill in the information requested.  If at any point you are confused, or not sure what to put, come back to it at a later date.  The sooner you get your profile up there, the sooner you can be meeting senior singles – just like you!


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