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When the time is right, the right person will appear

Although I had a great Halloween date I accepted that my date and I were not a romantic match for each other and we both agreed that we needed to continue our search for that special person and agreed to keep in touch with our progress.

I had made quite a lot of friends now through the Mature Free and Single website which is great and every so often I would receive emails from someone telling me that they had managed to find the one for them through the site. Don’t get me wrong some of my friends got despondent and gave up their search, believing they would not find the right person for them, but usually they would return a month or so after.

Personally I think it’s all about having the right attitude to succeed on a dating site. Let’s face it if we
went down the normal route we may go weeks or even months not meeting the right one for us so why do we have such high expectations joining a dating site.

One guy who I met months ago often got frustrated when the ladies that he found appealing to him did not feel the same way about him. My advice to him was not be so rigid in his search, he wanted blonde, petite, certain age, location blah, blah I tried to explain to him that life was not that simple and sometimes we have to look outside the box; that way it made it more fun, plus photos do not always do people a justice.

Brian had rejoined the site yet again and had sent me an email saying, “I see you’re still on here then?”  I quickly replied “yes I am”. “Doesn’t it get you down” was his reply. ‘Not at all” I said, “I am having a great time meeting all sorts of guys my social life is excellent, much better than sat in night after night”.

“But don’t you want the real deal?” Brian shot back. “Of course I do” I replied “but It’s pointless getting depressed about it, the right one will come along soon. I am positive that when the time is right I will meet the man for me.” We sent a few more emails back and forth then he asked me for advice regarding his profile.  I read it and I suggested that it was a little bit rigid in the fact that he was very insistent in what he was looking for, blonde, petite etc.

I tried to explain to him that he was probably missing out on some lovely women restricting himself to blonde and petite and to open his profile more by saying that he felt a sense of humour and  friendly personality was more important than looks and build, then he could look deeper instead of dismissing lots of ladies before even getting to know anything about them. He said he would have to think about that, thanking me for my help we both got down to searching for the person of our dreams.

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