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Yet another date part three

Published on May 30, 2014, by in A New Member's View.


Here I was watching my date appear in the car park the sun was shining and I feeling a very happy lady, thank you Mature Free and Single dating website I said under my breath. Seeing my car he pulled alongside me and gave me a massive smile. I had a good view of him due to him having the roof down and believe me he did not disappoint. Blushing I climbed out of my car, I always find it embarrassing meeting anyone for the first time, but when they were as handsome as this guy, well this was doubly embarrassing

We meet at last he said and he walked forward towards me, giving a quick peck on the cheek, which made me redder he laughed because he could tell that I was very shy. I smiled and said “hello.”

“Surely you’re not shy of me” he said, obviously amused at my reaction. That made me relax and I said “why should I be shy, I meet enough people from the site”.   This made him laugh more and we walked towards the entrance.

We decided to sit outside due to the weather and I found a table while he went in to get us a drink we decided on a cold fruit cider just the thing for a hot day and he was soon back sat opposite me sipping his drink.  He was certainly a good looking man and although he was dressed casual he had obviously made the effort dressed in a checked shirt and chinos he looked very well turned out. I complemented him on his appearance and he thanked me and said “well you only get one chance to make a first impression and when I am meeting a beautiful woman I certainly like to make a good impression”.

We both laughed then because he knew that he was coming across as a right smoothie. We sat chatting and he began telling me of the other dates he had had and agreed with me that the site was the best he had ever been on. He was telling me that he had met one woman and she had said she was 55 but as God was his witness she was nearer 65 either that or she had a very difficult paper round when she was younger!  He said age was not a problem to him but honesty and a recent photograph was a must because without honesty in a relationship you had nothing. I agreed and told him that honesty and good manners was very important to me too.

He had been married before and after being divorced for three years he thought it would be a good way to meet new people, he enjoyed the diary entries and said it was what made him notice me because I was an avid diary writer and he loved my humor. Too many people can come across as negative when they bemoan their fate on dating sites I said after all who wants to date a moaner.

We sat outside all afternoon before going inside to get something to eat, this was turning out to be the best date I had ever had. 




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