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Yet another date, part two

Published on May 22, 2014, by in A New Member's View.

Sunday arrived and I woke up bright and early looking forward to meeting Phil from the Mature Free and Single website. I had been on the site now for around four months and I could not imagine not being a member. I had quite a few dates, made lots of new friends from all over the UK and passed many an evening instead of being lonely and bored on my own.

I had a shower and washed my hair. Looking in the mirror I began thinking of all the people I had met from the site before I had certainly gone through a learning curve from going out fairly quickly with someone and perhaps regretting it because we were not ideally suited to emailing some people for so long that the moment passed for meeting.

I believe it takes a few months to get into the swing of a dating site and to find the best way to adapt it to your own personality. I was very grateful that I had chosen the Mature Free and Single website because it had such a good feel about it. I liked that it had a section that it told you about the owners of the site who actually met on a dating site and decided to create one of their own avoiding some of the pitfalls of other sites. They had given good guidelines to follow too and for me safety was important so I had made sure to read all information that was available.

Snapping myself back to the present I began drying my hair which amazing went very well which made me smile. After applying some subtle make up it was Sunday afternoon after all, I put on a bright colored sun dress and strappy sandals and I was good to go.

We had both sent each other a text earlier saying that all was okay and that we were looking forward to meeting each other. He had been out the night before with his friends so he was a little worse for wear but he was sure by 2pm he would be back to his usual self.

I drove to the meeting point in good time preferring to be early I parked up in a position that would enable me to see him arrive, he told me he drove a black and white mini convertible and I was sure he would have the roof down today due to it being such a beautiful day.

The car park was quite busy and I was fifteen minutes early and the nerves began to kick in, no matter how many meetings I had it still made me have butterflies. Which if I am honest I liked because I never knew if the next person I would meet could be my lifelong partner, although it did not bother me too much because I was enjoying myself so much.

Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a black and white convertible mini driving into the car park and sure enough the roof was down and omg he was looking pretty good from where I was sitting.

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