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Yet another date, part one

Published on May 22, 2014, by in A New Member's View.

I logged on to the Mature Free and Single website smiling to myself, I was expecting an email from Phil a member of the site who lived a few hundred miles away but who was visiting friends in my area and we had said that the next time he was in my area we were going to meet each other after sending lots of emails to each other in the few months since I had joined the site.

Sure enough there was an email in my inbox from Phil saying that he would be available on Sunday afternoon if I still wanted to meet up with him. I quickly wrote an email saying that would be great and then gave my mobile number and sent it back to him.

I think it is always a good idea to have a chat with someone on the phone before meeting. You can tell a lot by someone’s voice and how they speak to you. I began reading my other emails sending a few replies back then went on to read the diary entries. I was chuckling to myself at some of the more comical ones, some people just write jokes in their diaries and I enjoy reading those just as much as the more serious ones.

I was just about to write my own diary entry when my mobile rang and it was Phil calling, he sounded very much as I expected to him to be, very polite and respectful which came across in his former emails. We spoke for about twenty minutes and after making arrangements to meet in a popular pub restaurant local to where I live and about 5 miles from where he was staying for the weekend. We said our goodbyes and both agreed if anything happened that would prevent us meeting we would let each other know, another good reason to exchange telephone numbers.

I wrote my diary entry which was about how far would you travel to meet someone and sent it off for approval. It was soon approved and a short while I began to get some replies. As usual I received a wide range of opinions which amused me no end, some said that they would not travel beyond ten miles because of the cost of fuel and then others said they would travel the length and breadth of the country to meet the woman of their dreams and was I free this weekend.

I laughed out loud then replying saying I like your style but I had already got a few dates lined up so I said that they would have to be put on hold for the moment, this amused some of the older cheeky members who were always up for a bit of playful banter. One particular older member who lived quite near to me sent me an email saying he was up for taking me out to lunch anytime but I quickly responded thank you for the offer but 25 years difference in age was pushing it a little bit!

I was looking forward to meeting Phil sometimes you get a good feeling about someone and I certainly had always enjoyed his emails and although he was my usual type he certainly stimulated my brain.

Hmm roll on Sunday.


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